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Luc Benhamou Conference

“Love is Com’ …”

Château de Reilhanette – July 28, 2018

Video conference of July 28, 2018 at the Château de Reilhanette in the open air.

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Photo Galery

Luc Benhamou
Founder and Chairman of
The International Foundation Of Soul Healers

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Photographer : Baptiste Jésu

Photographer : Claude leton

The first of the 4 trips :
" The Soul Reconciliation… "
Atacama Desert – Juillet 2019

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The second of the 4 trips : de :
"The Soul Reconciliation…"
Sedona, Arizona (USA) – September 2019

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Conference from Luc Benhamou
“Love is Com’…”
At the Castle of Reilhanette – 28 July 2018

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Conference of Luc Benhamou
From Communication to Communion…
In Breintenbach 14 September 2019

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