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Hello Everyone,

The International Foundation Of Soul Healers is being created… In the image of the Eternal Movement of Life, In all its forms, its Creative Purposes, in all Dimensions and beyond what we know…

I speak to Human Kind, to you who are here and now… to the Beings by our side that are not always visible to the eye, through our physical prisms.

This is the principle of Union, of fusion, the Soul Mirror, reflection in all its forms. Creation  with a temporal physical appearance, merged with the whole which cannot be defined.

André Malraux said : “The 21st Century will be spiritual or won’t be at all”. But he couldn’t have understood then that “The 21st Century would be Quantum”

This crucial cycle we are living through, this intangible Mutation that is here before us, it is unique in the History of Human kind. We are at an incredible turning point in Life and experimentation on Earth.

The time has come to authentically live this Together… This Essential Co-creation, on the verge of the Aquarius Era, this 2000 year period which irreversibly brings us into the continuous flow of Knowledge, to this living Communion revealed by our awareness of our reality. We are all united in finitude, in movement, connected… In Ethereal Love, undetachable from the Emptiness of existing in the Present.

The foundation… Exists, through the expression of the Communion of Infinities… In these times of Change… It allows Unison.

May you let the Universe share your success.

Luc Benhamou

Author – Medium – Speaker
Founder and Chairman of :

Fondation Internationale des Guérisseurs D’Âmes
The International Foundation of Soul Healers

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